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The Process:

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MyTourSF process

Working in a team of five Web Design & New Media graduate students, we conceptualized and created an idea for a new site - My TourSF, a website/mobile app for creating a personalized tour of San Francisco.

Create a website. Test its usability. We focused on the multiple websites that already exist, all of which have set tours to the typical touristy places.

A single-page website that allows users to search for sites and add them to a shopping cart to create a personal tour.

Our Role
User Requirements Analysis:

  • Project purpose, description of site to be designed, positioning statement
  • Target audience descriptions, including creation of personas
  • User scenarios
  • Competitive analysis

Information Architecture:

  • Outline of pages, diagrams of task flows
  • Wireframes of pages

Mockups and Usability testing:

  • Paper prototype creation and testing
  • High fidelity prototype creation and testing in usability lab